Best Heavy Equipment Rental Near Me

The cost of heavy equipment is very varied depending on the type and type to rent.

Furthermore, the rental duration will also affect the overall accumulation of costs. Let’s see the list through the next article.

Heavy equipment is one of the most vital equipment in the construction process.

After all, for example, the project you handle is large-scale and requires speeds of working time.

Not only that, but heavy equipment was also often used to tear down old houses to make better housing.

Well, before you know the heavy equipment rental near me, it may be wise to know first what type of heavy equipment currently exists.

Kind of Heavy Equipment for Construction

Below are some of the kind of weights that you know about the rent, which is:

1. Bulldozers

Heavy Equipment Rental Near Me

Bulldozers are the tools that go into the ground. Bulldozers are used to drive the excavated soils, either forward or sideways, or as a stockpile of materials.

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Additionally, this heavy equipment can also be used to clear fields of wood, rock, and tree poles. Bulldozer are also called front end dozer, because

There was bucket at the dozer section.

It consists of two types of dozers that use crawler tractor dozer and dozer that use rubber wheels (whell tractor dozer).

There’s a special dozer that’s been used for work in the bayou, and it’s called a bulldozer.

The use of the bulldozers had the advantage of being able to carry very heavy loads.

Unfortunately, this heavy contraption can only be used for short mileage.

Bulldozers have several differences between a bucket wheel and a rubber wheel.

The last thing a bulldozer does with a centipede is drive a larger load and it can operate on muddy or rocky ground.

Also, use is more flexible. Bulldozers have advantages, they were greater pace, without any equipment and without ruining the highway.

1Bulldozer D20-3 KomatsuIDR 150.000 /Jam
2Bulldozer D31E KomatsuIDR 155.000 /Jam
3Bulldozer D65P KomatsuIDR 170.000 /Jam
4Bulldozer D85 KomatsuIDR 185.000 /Jam

2. Excavators

Heavy Equipment Rental Near Me

The excavators are heavy equipment used to excavate large amounts of soil. The excavators have a characteristic shape with an arm part that is equipped with bucket.

Also, it can be used to move materials in trucks, load loads, and destroy buildings.

However, it should be noted that this heavy equipment cannot be used to transport materials over long distances.

Selection excavators must take into account the equipment’s abilities as well as the field.

The heavy instrument had several distinct varieties based on the part of it at the front.

But the whole thing has a wheelbarrow or a crawler. A crawler’s use of this heavy instrument was needed if the surface was under packed or coarse, and it did not require a large transfer.

This heavy device consists of several parts of it: bucket, bucket cylinders, boom, boom cylinders, arm, arm cylinder, tracker and cabin. Bucket’s function was to dredge up material from the soil.

Whereas bucket cylinders drive the bucket. Arm serves to thrust bucket up and down.

Boom ACTS as the main lever to move the arm up and down. The tracker works for the gear excavators and cabins to control the excavators.

No.HeavyPriceRent Minimun
1Excavator Mini PC 40IDR 160.000 /jam50 Jam
2Excavator Mini PC 50IDR 160.000 /jam50 Jam
3Excavator Mini PC 75IDR 170.000 /jam50 Jam
4Excavator PC 100IDR 155.000 /jam50 Jam
5Excavator PC 200IDR 195.000 /jam50 Jam
6Excavator Long ArmIDR 275.000 /jam50 Jam

3. Wheel Loader and Track Loader

Heavy Equipment Rental Near Me

The wheel loader and the loader track are heavy equipment that has the same function as dozer, which is to move material from one tool to another at close range.

The difference lies in the bucket used, where the loader has a larger size.

That can accommodate a larger amount of materials. Generally, it USES this heavy equipment to transport materials from one place to the dump trucks.

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Wheel loader and track loader have a difference on the wheel used. If the wheel loader USES a rubber wheel, then track the loader USES a centipede foot or a crawler.

In addition to its use for moving materials, it can also be used to propel materials, flatten the ground, and demolish the top layer of the soil. The rental price of this heavy equipment is usually tailored to the need.

1Wheel Loader 0,8M3Komatsu WA-70IDR 120.000 /jam
2Wheel Loader 1,2M3Komatsu WA-100IDR 140.000 /jam
3Wheel Loader 1,2M3Komatsu WA-120IDR 160.000 /jam
4Wheel Loader 1,5M3Komatsu WA-150IDR 170.000 /jam
5Wheel Loader 1,8M3Komatsu WA-180IDR 200.000 /jam
6Wheel Loader 2,0M3Komatsu WA-200IDR 230.000 /jam
7Wheel Loader 3,0M3Komatsu WA-300IDR 260.000 /jam
8Wheel Loader 3,2M3Komatsu WA-320IDR 280.000 /jam

4. Motor Grader

Heavy Equipment Rental Near Me

This heavy implement used to flatten the ground in a mechanical manner.

It is used in such services as toppling, mixing and disseminating materials in the field, cutting and plumbing, and cutting to get the soil.

Additionally, this heavy equipment was used for the restoration of hedges.

It had a wheel loader shape, with a longer frame but no bucket. A grader bike was equipped with a knife in the middle (between the front wheel and the rear wheel).

This knife function is to flatten the ground when a grade bike is under way.

In addition, the knife can also be redefined by the Angle. This action resulted not only in the foreground but also in the lateral direction.

NOName of Motor GraderMERK & TYPEPrice
1Motor Grader 125 HPCAT 120HIDR 170.000 /Jam
2Motor Grader 135 HPKomatsu GD511IDR 190.000 /Jam
3Motor Grader 180 HPKomatsu GD655IDR 250.000 /Jam

5. Dump Trucks

Heavy Equipment Rental Near Me

A dump truck is a truck-based vehicle with a larger capacity.

The function of this device is used to transport materials from one place to another at a greater distance.

The materials that are transported by these weights cover the soil, sand to rocks.

The large capacity of the selected truck depends on the time it takes to load the material into the truck.

There are two kinds of dump trucks that are used a lot. Some of them dump trucks to transport material limited to a muddy trail or is called an articulated dump truck (adc).

Whereas the second dump truck was off highway truck (oht), which was used to transport materials with enormous capacity, from 40 tons to 360 tons.

It should be noted that the excessive use of trucks is also economical.

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This would be the case if the device was disproportionate to the truck. Thus, the loader will wait even more.

Some of the smaller trucks, some of them faster in operating and more flexible for close-range transport.

Whereas the selection of large trucks had fewer units, loader loading was easier and was ideal for long distances.

  • Roller
  • Crane
  • Scraper
  • Asphalt Finisher
  • Concrete batching plant
  • Forklift

And so on

Heavy Equipment Lease List

1Excavator Mini PC 40All merkIDR 160.000 /jam
2Excavator Mini PC 50All merkIDR 160.000 /jam
3Excavator Mini PC 75All merkIDR 170.000 /jam
4Excavator PC 100All merkIDR 155.000 /jam
5Excavator PC 200All merkIDR 195.000 /jam
6Wheel Loader 0,8M3Komatsu WA-70IDR 120.000 /jam
7Wheel Loader 1,2M3Komatsu WA-100IDR 140.000 /jam
8Wheel Loader 1,2M3Komatsu WA-120IDR 160.000 /jam
9Wheel Loader 1,5M3Komatsu WA-150IDR 170.000 /jam
10Wheel Loader 1,8M3Komatsu WA-180IDR 200.000 /jam
11Wheel Loader 2,0M3Komatsu WA-200IDR 230.000 /jam
12Wheel Loader 3,0M3Komatsu WA-300IDR 260.000 /jam
13Wheel Loader 3,2M3Komatsu WA-320IDR 280.000 /jam
14Bulldozer D20-3KomatsuIDR 150.000 /jam
15Bulldozer D31EKomatsuIDR 155.000 /jam
16Bulldozer D65PKomatsuIDR 170.000 /jam
17Bulldozer D85KomatsuIDR 185.000 /jam
18Motor Grader 125 HPCAT 120HIDR 170.000 /Jam
19Motor Grader 135 HPKomatsu GD511IDR 190.000 /Jam
20Motor Grader 180 HPKomatsu GD655IDR 250.000 /Jam
21Crane Kapasitas 30-35 tonIDR 350.000 /Jam
22Crawler Crane 10-15 tonIDR 3.900.000 /8Jam
23Roughter Crane 10 tonIDR 5.500.000 /Shift


With the lease of this heavy equipment, project work especially building and roads would be easier.

As a roller used to compress the ground or asphalt.

Available like a small roller called a baby roller.

Where these compactors have an advantage that’s smaller in size than any other roller.

That way you could find out whatever heavy equipment rental near me was like the upstairs explanation.

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