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Salary For Heavy Equipment Operator – The heavy equipment operator is the one who runs or controls the heavy construction equipment, such as a dump truck, a cargo truck, an excavator, a forklift, backhoe, bulldozer and a hydraulic crane.

It is also responsible to operate heavy vehicles in structural construction work, such as roads, bridges and buildings.

It has a certain specialty in each type of heavy instrument. This requires an official certificate of expertise and driver’s license (driver’s license).

Heavy equipment operators are high-risk jobs because of working in all weather and even poor weather conditions and altitude. Because of these high job risks, their salary is promising.

More clearly you could know the following about the salary for heavy equipment operator, which is:

The Concept of The Heavy Tool Operator

The heavy equipment operator is someone who controls the heavy construction equipment, such as a forklift, a excavator, a hydraulic crane, backhoe, dump truck, and cargo truck.

Being a heavy tool operator is a must have a valid driver’s license.

These operators will assist in structural construction, starting with Bridges, roads, and buildings.

The Skills and Duties of A Heavy Tool Operator

After learning what the heavy operator is, you will also need to understand his field skills and duties.

Let it be known, nowadays the use of heavy equipment is increasing in a wide range of needs, whether industrial or service.

Such conditions are potentially responsible for accidents that could result in material or mental damage.

Therefore, it is important to take various precautions to prevent such unwanted things from happening, including those with heavy equipment leasing.

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Now, a person who wants to be a heavy-duty operator is obliged to understand his abilities and duties.

To understand both the skills and the duties of the heavy operator, it is good to take a good look at the explanation set out below.

1. Ability

  • Capable of driving heavy equipment well (evidenced by the b ii classification permit).
  • An operator must have a license or a certification of sio.
  • Operators must have basic analytical skills as well as diagnostic electronics, mainly on heavy equipment engines.
  • Have the ability to follow and understand direction and be able to work well together in the field.
  • Understanding what the area of the workplace looks like, especially has to do with what kinds of risks and dangers may occur at any time.

2. the Duties and Responsibilities of The Heavy Tool Operator

Before going into operation, an operator needs to check his weight according to the standards and rules.

When the operator detects a problem with the heavy equipment, they must report it immediately to the field overseer or the person responsible.

Operators must be able to make safe, productive decisions in all kinds of situations.

An operator must be able to place both weight and equipment according to the rules.

  • Operators must perform regular check-ups and treatments as scheduled.
  • The operator must always keep the heavy equipment and equipment clean.
  • To be a heavy tool operator with duties and responsibilities according to a controlled weight tool.
  • Operate heavy equipment according to company safety policies and procedures.
  • Loading and unloading of vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Recommendations in environment maintenance and improved efforts.
  • Ensuring the equipment, equipment, and workplaces of a company are safely maintained.
  • Observe the distribution of materials to adjust engine Settings or movement of materials later.

Qualification or Ability that Must Be Possessed

A heavy equipment operator is obliged to have the following skills, especially those who work in the mining industry:

  • Capable of driving heavy machinery well, verified with the vehicle
  • It has a license or certificate of operator’s permission (sio)
  • It has basic analytical capabilities and diagnostic electronics, primarily relating to heavy machinery
  • Have the ability to follow and understand the direction given, and be able to work well in the field
  • Understanding the workplace, especially in regard to the potential dangers and risks

The Feasibility of The Heavy-Duty Operator

As we have mentioned before, to be a heavy tool operator, you need to meet some specific criteria or requirements.

Knowing the acceptable criteria of this operator can help you use it to prepare everything from the start.

To make it clear, below are some of the feasibilities of the operator of heavy equipment.

  • To have a reasonably high education according to corporate regulations.
  • It has a k3 license or heavy-duty operating license.
  • Being able to work together as a team and having the ability to work together quite well.
  • Has experience tailored to the needs of the company.
  • Well acquainted with heavy equipment of some kind.
  • Able to identify any problems or damage to heavy equipment.
  • Capable of fine work and not overly concerned with speed, but with business efficiency.
  • Be willing to get a specific allocation from the company.
  • Honest to work and communicative.

Heavy Equipment Operator’s Salary

Salary For Heavy Equipment Operator

The above is fully defined as to what is a heavy-duty, task and capability tool operator, basic guidelines to his worthiness criteria.

Well, it’s probably a lot of people out there wondering about how much a heavy-equipment operator’s salary counts as well as how many denomination counts are.

For additional information, the standard working week for the operators is 40 hours, which is eight hours a day, five days a week.

Nevertheless, there are types of construction work that requires an operator to work more than overtime.

Supplement the document for reports and other documentation. With the job and responsibility above, how much is the salary of the heavy-duty operator profession in the mines? Here’s the information:

1. Forklift Operator

Forklift operators’ salaries range from Rp. 5,000,000 – Rp. 7,500,000 in 25 business days and 5 days off.

2. Excavator Operator

The salary of the excavators is between Rp. 7,000,000- Rp. 10 million in 25 working days and 5 days off.

3. Crane Operator

The salary of the crane operator ranges between Rp. 9,000,000- Rp. 15 million in 20 working days and 10 days off.

Tips to Being a Heavy-Duty Operator

If any of you want to be a heavy tool operator, you’d better start a small construction project to get some experience or apply for an internship while you work.

Besides, you’re going through a few more technical steps to become an operator, among other things, as below.

  • Go in and finish the heavy gear training.
  • Get a license or certification.
  • Getting a commercial license.
  • Update resume and more work portfolios.


Heavy equipment operators are high-risk jobs because of working in all weather and even poor weather conditions and altitude.

Because of these high job risks, so the salary for heavy equipment operator is promising.

It should come as no surprise that they had a sizable salary if compared to other existing employment professions.

So, for anyone who wants to try this type of work, first know what criteria are required to meet.

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