Heavy Equipment Mechanic Description

A Heavy Equipment Mechanical appliance has a great responsibility at his job.

One not only has a basic knowledge of the system for controlling the weight of the instrument, correcting and maintaining it, but also needs to understand in detail everything about the part of the machinery used.

Well, being a good heavy-equipment mechanic comes with an education, training, and a lot of experience.

Apart from that which is expected, a mechanic also needs to be concerned about job safety and the heavy maintenance of the equipment himself.

Mechanics as part of the company have a direct contribution to the production of tools and operational efficiency.

Therefore, mechanical competence is the company’s absolute requirement. Through heavy mechanical training, it is necessary to develop mechanics to ensure the company’s efficient and precise operational efficiency and therefore refer to others.

More clearly you can relate to the following heavy equipment mechanics.

Job Description of Heavy Mechanical Tools

Below are some duties and responsibilities of a heavy mechanical device to be carried out, which is:

  1. Implementing safety and health of work and the environment (k3-lh), which includes carefully identifiable danger potential and occupational risk, determining the impact of a work accident and avoiding it, applying all k3-lfs procedures and following the socialization and socialization of a given.
  2. Applying communication in the workplace includes receiving and transmitting information, delivering and receiving information properly, applying system of reporting according to procedure.
  3. Implementing workplace cooperation that includes identifying group goals and roles and contributing effectively and precisely in group meetings.
  4. Identifying key components of the engine, among other things, is identifying the specifications of the engine engineering and identifying the structure and function of the mechanical systems, the fuel system, the lubrication system, the cooling system and the engine exhaust system.
  5. Implementing engine maintenance includes identifying engine technical specifications, performing system identification on the engine, preparing tools, parts and materials used and carrying out inspection, measurement and tuning and replacement parts.
  6. Administering minor repair engines that include studying repair orders, preparing appropriate manuals, dismantling and cleaning components to be repaired. Inspecting and analysing component damage, collating and filing what is needed for parts, checking the suitability and putting the parts in place and testing the results.
  7. Carrying out major repair engines, which include studying repair work orders, preparing a handbook/manual that matches disarming the engine according to the procedure, checking and analysing component damage and organizing and filing necessary parts.
  8. Analysing and overcoming trouble shooting machines heavy equipment that includes studying repair work orders, preparing appropriate manual /shop manuals, dismantling the parts that are going to be fixed, inspecting and analysing the component damage, assembling and teaching the necessary parts, checking to match and putting in the correct parts and testing those improvements.
  9. Creating work reports that include compiling data from all work processes, compiling data into report forms and delivering work reports to superiors.

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How to Become a Heavy Mechanic

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Then how do you become a good heavy-duty mechanic? Here are some important things that might help.

1. Education and Training

In Indonesia alone there is no such thing as majoring in mechanical heavy machinery.

However, many training institutions that open a special class for heavy equipment mechanics are opened to high school or high school graduates.

The training usually takes place 1-and-a-half months on incentives, and it is complemented with the fibers given at the end of the training.

Keep in mind that you do not just select a training institution, be sure to select a reputable and reputable institution.

In addition to making the costs of this training worthwhile and accurate knowledge, the company will certainly feel more secure with mechanical candidates who have certificates of mechanical abilities from one establishment already believed to be more accurate than others.

2. Prime Physical Condition

In his line of work, sometimes a mechanic has to repair part of the heavy equipment in an unusual, comfortable position.

Add to this the job or heavy equipment repair was not even indoors. For example, when a road construction project breaks down, a mechanic has to repair heavy equipment in the open, hot, and noisy areas.

Therefore, apart from their ability to do so, a mechanic must also be in prime physical condition.

3. Understanding and Mastering the Work Environment

To be a good mechanic, skill alone is not enough. A mechanic must be able to understand and master his work environment.

As previously known the environment of heavy-instrument mechanics is not easy and is full of potential dangers.

It is this understanding and mastery of the gear environment that can avoid danger and save lives.

For example, always use personal or personal protective equipment into the field.

About the Heavy Mechanical Pay

As a worker or an employee who serves as a heavy equipment technician at a company or an industrial factory has a different salary, for there are several factors such as the following:

  • The type of companies that are in their field – each such as those in automotive trades are certainly different from engineering companies, electronics, chemical enterprises, and so on.
  • The working days of each heavy equipment technician are different-also, there is a senior heavy equipment operator and a junior heavy equipment operator.
  • The magnitude of each year’s assessment would also certainly distinguish the nominal value of the salary of one heavy equipment operator with the other heavy equipment operator.
  • The basic annual salary will increase and increase, as each company or industrial factory will have a yearly raise in wages and will also impact the salary of those who are heavy-duty technicians will be in attendance for the increase in denomational value.
  • There is also an industrial company or factory that annually assesses the condition of each worker as a factor for worker motivation.

With that assessment will also impact the readdiction of the basic salary value of weight technicians.

This is of course a heavy equipment technician operator who gets a high score, of course, the maximum value of the increase in salary will certainly be compared to other heavy equipment technician operators.

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Disability Operator Heavy Equipment Technician

As a heavy-duty operator technician in addition to receiving a basic salary and overtime salary, he also receives several such benefits:

  • Attendance benefits
  • Shift allowance on shift support.
  • Housing allowances
  • Skill benefits.
  • Transportation benefits.
  • Et cetera.

For this benefit depends on the individual policy-either a company or an industrial plant, because each company has a different policy-different.


A heavy mechanical appliance has a great responsibility at his job.

And one not only has a basic knowledge of the system of weight control, repairs and maintenance of it, but also needs to understand everything in detail everything about the parts of the machinery used.

‘Cause that’s what the top described about heavy equipment mechanics for you to know in detail.

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